since 9.Januar 1969 ...                    ;-)


         Primary (grade) School, and Secondary Technical School 


          Study of Falconry, and breeding birds of prey


           apprenticeship in electro-mechanics and high-voltage electrician ship  with      Siemens in Vienna


           final exams and working at sites  


           professional falconer, Dia - and educational shows "Birds of Prey" in secondary schools; selling insurance policies part time


           paragliding teacher in Salzburg


           Journey through Europe, Egypt - first encounter with jewel trees


           social supervisor in a workshop of the Lebenshilfe (communal social help organisation).


           Educator for difficult and behavioural challenged children, as well as  mentally disabled children.


            further professional education in computer sciences (additionally to own private self taught knowledge)


            Part time withdrawal from everyday work, concentrating on art and creativity Study of Anthroposophy (for those of You not already in the know, this means Science of Man / Humankind, the collected teachings of Rudolf Steiner).Entrance and Full Member of the „Union of Artists Schloß Schönbrunn“. 


              freelance artist, overtone singer & singing teacher, software and net technician, Social youth work in a project bringing new impulses to troubled youths in their Sparetime, creating Opal jewellery, as well as silver jewellery,Soundmassage / Soundtherapy / Musictherapy with the monochord, Overhead lectures on birds of prey for schools and interested groups 


              Keeper in a anthroposophical living Group of a Social Therapy Center in Lainz. Studies acompanying professional education to gain the diploma for Anthroposophic Healing- & Social Therapist. Work in social and musical Therapy. National and international concerts with overtone singing and playing overtone harp