Base Surface


The material of my base plates is generally of stone, glass or wood.

When I use stone, the preferred material of my choice is Nero Assolut, a pitchblack stone of African origin that naturally has fine silvery veins going throughout the stone. Alone or in conjunction with other stone types he presents an imposing equivalent to the finely wrought trees. Also especially beautiful are fine inlay works with other stones, in the type You are used to see with intarsial wood inlays, which I already have effected with the Oak and the Fir tree.

Already more than 10 years I have a working relationship with an artistic stonemason from Vienna, who helps me turn the ideas and propositions of myself and my customers into reality.

Since a wonderful encounter wit a glass artist from the famous little island of Murano, near Venice, it has become possible for me also to order and use glass in the most different colors and forms possible; the works of Claudio are really remarkable.

Many times in the past I could not realise some ideas, because there are limits to the raw material stone. These limits I can surpass, with glass, or combinations of glass and stone in any way thereof. Sometimes even, in combination, the two materials extinguish each other´s limits, and so make possible an even more phantastic design.

All my works, aptfully named Art-trees, are pure artistry, are all only one-of-a-kind unicates, and I never use a form or a combination of materials a second time.


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