Healing in Sound ...


 ...in Awareness create dreaming-healing



 Through a Soundmassage with an Overtone - harp,

            deep relaxation and inner peace !


What is an Overtone-harp?

The Overtone-harp is a musical instrument that is played like a traditional harp, with the strings that are all in equal length, but toned differently, strung softly with the fingers. Through this action come into existence a multitude of Overtones, which are sensed in a very melodious way. This sound image becomes richer and diverser, the more You listen to it closely.


What is a Soundmassage?

During a Soundmassage the Overtone-harp is put lightly on the body – be it chest, the back or the legs. While the instrument is played, the sonic reverberations are entering the body directly, which is completely filled with the light Overtones.


What is the Effect of this Soundmassage?

Through the harmonic and healing oscillations of the Overtones, that during the Soundmassage work directly with the body, is effected a deep relaxation of the body and the soul – You are able to let loose and enter completely into this music of the spheres. It constitutes a release from everyday life and its pressures, to regain Your personal powers.


Where do You get a Soundmassage?

According to my experiences the Soundmassage has its best effects in your own 4 walls, i.e. the privacy of your home, as most people like to let the afterthoughts of a massage have lingering effects in a known and trusted sourroundings. Always after, the need is for peace and quiet – because of this, I offer this exceptional service in your home




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