Therapeutic Possibilities with the Panta Rei Harp  

(Overtone Harp)

and the healing properties of Overtones


In the application of Music Therapy, especially the concentration and coordination abilities are enforced. The “ability to hear” is a consequence, not a prerequisite of this therapy.

Through one´s own doing, step by step, one commences to experience the musical inside and outside at the same time – and even more so the inside and outside of one´s own self.


Another use is the Sound-Massage.


It works by assisting the Patient to spiritually enforce self-healing, shortening rehabilitation time considerably

After  intensive stress influences of the outer world and the interconnected stress after unendurable occurrences for the soul, or after difficulties in regeneration that have their root in the mind, this musical therapy can be successfully applied.

 (This Music Therapy is especially used as) an accompanying therapy to psycho-therapeutical Sittings, either before or after, depending if  a deepening in the preparatory phase or a more self-aware ability to reflect is aimed at.

 Also with chronic muscle stiffness or problems with the central nervous system this therapy is a right way and can release important forces of self-healing.

The effect of the sound massage is widened, through the application of the resonance body of the overtone harp upon the patients body, from a pure listening experience to a simultaneous bodily experience of the harmonies.

Physically this means, that the body starts to sleep through deep relaxation.

In the soul one feels the harmonies of the spheres.

In the mind one listens to the overtones but at the same time is fully conscious.


Full cooperation with Psychotherapeuts, Physical Therapy, internal Medicine, social Therapists, anthroposophic augmented medicine, and other Therapists. 



For more information also see Soundmassage.


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